Tentative Technical Program
16th September, 2024

  1. Inaugural session : ISC 2024 Conference
  2. Award Presentation by Chief Guest
  3. Inauguration of International Sugar Expo
  4. Invited Lectures
  5. Technology Provider Session
  6. Welcome dinner
Poster Interactive Session in Main Hall

17th September, 2024 Technical Session-I : Addressing the need of ASEAN Sugar producing Countries; Sugarcane & Sugar Production, Sugarcane Agriculture (Crop Production, Crop Improvement, Crop Protection, Crop Management), Modernization of sugar industry, Marketing constraints & Strategies, Sustainability issues of Sugar industry in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. R & D imperatives for Sustainable sugarcane, sugar production, and diversification in South East Asia. New technologies for sustainable cane sugar/ beet sugar production under changing climatic scenario, negating the impact of El Nino through innovative technologies.

Technical Session-II: Advancement in Processing technology, Product development and diversification; Resource and Energy management in sugar and its integrated industries; Emerging Sustainability Models for Global & ASEAN Sugar Industry; Green energy alternatives & Bio-refinery concept, Bio-based & Value added products, Biofuels, SAF, Specialty sugar; Sugarcane & Sugar crops based cottage industries; Prospect and challenges in sweetener production from other sugar crops viz. Sugar beet, Palms, Stevia, Maple, Sweet sorghum, Sweet maize etc.

Poster Interactive Session in Main Hall
18th September, 2024 Technical Session-III: Policy issues and initiatives for sustainable growth and development of sugar and integrated industries across the Globe; Government initiatives and policies to realign sugar- bioenergy sectors in South East Asia & ASEAN countries, WTO and trade of sugar; Biofuels & bio-mobility, sugar and health

Technical Session IV: On-line Presentations
19th September, 2024 Visit to KCP Sugar Mill fields & Sugarcane Growers farms ( Optional)